Report: Square Enix Expanding Eidos Montreal

by Tim Turi on Sep 01, 2011 at 01:35 PM

Deus Ex: Revolution is a hit, and publisher Square Enix knows it. Though it may just be a coincidence, Square Enix has plans to expand the developer of choice-driven adventure, Eidos Montreal.

It may not be official yet, but word has it that by 2015, Eidos Montreal will gain 350 new employees. A report says that the deal between Square Enix and financier Investissement Quebec isn’t final. If it goes through, however, Square will enjoy tax credits as well as a $2 million subsidy. This basically means that the company would have to pay less in taxes each year and would gain a good chunk of money.

Growing Eidos Montreal from 330 employees to 680 bodes well for the company’s stealthy sequel, Thief 4.

Source: La Presse [via Joystiq]