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Blog Herding: Community Edition 09/01/11

by Game Informer Editorial on Sep 01, 2011 at 06:00 AM

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It's finally here. Blog Herding makes its triumphant return today. If you're not familiar with this normally regular feature of Game Informer, Blog Herding is a weekly series that presents a consolidated list of entertaining community and staff blogs worthy of your attention.

With the departure of Annette Gonzalez, former Game Informer Associate Editor, legendary video game rock star, and long time Blog Herding caretaker, a certain void developed. Blog Herding fell by the wayside, diminishing the blogging community's hope for glory and riches – or at least a chance of tapping into a broader audience.

But as witnessed by today's post, the series is being revived and published by me on what I imagine to be a trial basis. Long time friends, fans, and fellow gamers should know the prosperity of the Game Informer community has always been my highest priority and that will continue to be my goal while I tackle the challenge of succeeding Miss Gonzalez. With the collective assistance of the community through recommendations, feedback, and nominations, we can restore Blog Herding back to its rightful place on the front page of Game Informer.

Some of you might be a little surprised to see a front page news post by a regular member of the GIO community, and while I am equally surprised to see it myself, the truth is it's really more of a magician's sleight of hand trick – a ghost account that I can submit specific content for the staff to post with my name on it. I am not an official staff member or paid employee of Game Informer with unbridled access to the front page, and my regular daily blogs will not be given access to this prime piece of real estate. This ghost account will be reserved solely for Blog Herding and is only accessible by the staff, so all of your feedback and input (or hate mail) should be submitted to my regular GI user account to ensure it's received and reviewed.

Blog Herding Stats:
Period Reviewed
: August 22-28, 2011
Number of User Blogs: 78
Number of User Blogs Herded: 14
Number of User Bloggers: 51

Community Blogs:

Perfecting The JRPG - Music
iDreamRunner blogs about how to revive video games, specifically the JRPG genre, and kicks off the discussion with a focus on the music component of games.

Tips To Deal With Cyberbullies - The Parent's Guide To Video Games
Stepping away from the traditional review blogs, The Game Store Guy provides some proven tips and resources to deal with those annoying cyberbullies that can frustrate us to the point of rage quitting.

The Best Game Deals
With video game consumers having so many options for where they purchase their games, NoMercy85 provides an interesting look at how to ensure you get the best deal.

Greatest Voice Actors In Gaming
"Making the look for a great and iconic character in gaming is one thing, but it is the voice that can truly bring characters to life." Craigaleg compiles a list of some of the best voice actor performances from our beloved video games.

Lighten Up! Why Are Depressing Games So Popular?
One of Game Informer's regular and frequent bloggers, Oni no Tenshi thinks that as video games have become more graphically developed, they've also become more depressing. Read her thoughts and join in on the discussion.

On The Record With Eyros2k: Series Introduction
Our resident Frag Fest chairman eyros2k has developed a strategy to discuss hot topics and industry news between the blogging and forum communities while giving commenters the opportunity to take a stand and support their opinions.

The Classic And The Renowned: KOTOR vs. Mass Effect
Two iconic games developed by one great developer, Elisha Muir decides which one will survive a head to head comparison and be crowned the victor. Read the blog to find out who wins.

Our Real Life vs. Our Virtual Life
Anticitizen-One discusses socialization and how the lines are blurred between our real life responsibilities and our virtual life necessities. Kind of an ironic piece coming from someone named Anticitizen-One, but still an enjoyable read.

Critical Gaming: Educating With Video Games
"Like literature and film, it is my firm opinion that video games could be used as a tool to promote and improve critical thinking in students." Samurai Zero discusses the merits of using video games to promote educational interest.

Fallout 3 Is Ruining RPGs For Me
"Bethesda created a world so believable and livable that I have completely been spoiled on what a proper RPG should be." Like many others, TOGNick has been captivated by the brutal and gritty world of Fallout 3 and captures his thoughts in this blog.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - First Impressions
Scott provides first look impressions of the newly released Deus Ex: Human Revolution, culminating with the claim that the game can "easily be categorized as a candidate for Game of the Year." I think it's safe to say Scott likes the game.

Critiquing Is Not Flaming
When does critiquing and providing feedback cross over into flaming? BlackHeartedWolf tiptoes the fine line between the two and provides his thoughts on why an honest critique should be welcomed. Enter at your own risk.

JRPG - The Immortal Genre
Jay the Gamer provides an interesting and unique look at how our beloved first-person shooters don't age very well, while some of the classic JRPG titles withstand the sands of time. A refreshing and entertaining piece.

Do Game Developers Work Too Much? Investigating The Industry's Labor Issues
Most gamers probably think working in the industry would be a dream job. However, many developers continue to have employees complain of harsh working conditions. In this blog, indiejones investigates some of the more prominent allegations that have cropped up in recent years.

Community Events:

Nothing on the RADAR, but stay tuned.

Community Podcasts:

Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 45 (Nearing 1K Subscribers!)
By Born4this

The 4th Floor Episode 19: Johnny Unite Us
By TOGNick

The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 2: Straight Up Or On The Rocks?
By indiejones

I truly hope the community has enjoyed my first submission into the Blog Herding fray, and while I could certainly never replace the charming and talented Annette Gonzalez, I do have a new found respect and appreciation for the effort she put into this feature.

Happy Blogging!

Your friendly neighborhood blogging community for the week of August 22-28, 2011: Anticitizen-One (2), Apozem, Augustus Cole, BlackHeartedWolf (3), blaze6106, born4this, Cameron Koch (2), cmanwitaplan, Craigaleg, Darth Kill, Delancey, The Not So Feared One, Demon Ragnarok (2), derth44, Elisha Muir, Enigma (2), Evil Deej, eyros2k, freezeimacop690, God Of Irony, gtrcrgy (2), iDreamRunner, indiejones (2), insectopod, Jay the Gamer, JBBs, jimmy2tymez, Joshua Weibel (3), J-Pow, Kurt Thomas, Logan Hess, Magnus the Historian, Max a young true gamer, Meta77, NoMercy85, Oni no Tenshi (4), redlitez76 (3), Romars202129, Samurai Zero, Scott, shooterboy23 (2), SilentSnake2011 (5), Spyro Conspiracy Theorist, thatfoxguy, The Game Store Guy (4), The_Fuzzy_Muffin_Man (2), thegodofwine7, TOGNick (3), Tren Frost, wayoverdue (4), and of course, yours truly...Saint.             

Video Game Quote of the Week:
"I'll relinquish one bullet. Where do you want it?"
Commander Shepard