2K Czech Lays Off Forty

by Adam Biessener on Sep 01, 2011 at 12:22 PM

Pour one out for the hardworking fellas and dames now looking for a job. The Mafia II studio will carry on in the wake of the layoffs.

Two 2K Czech studios felt the sting of corporate reality earlier this week. Up to 40 employees were let go from the Brno group, while the Prague studio lost less than 10 according to reports.

Forty is a lot of people to lose for anyone, and the layoffs will put a significant dent in the near-200 total workforce at 2K Czech.

2K released a statement to Develop saying all the usual things about streamlining operations, aligning the business, and everything else that companies say when they lay off a bunch of people. The publisher insisted that 2K Czech remains a front-line studio focused on triple-A titles.

Was 2K Czech working on a project that got axed or reduced in scope, or is this just the regular and regrettable cycle of modern game development? We don't know. We just know that we want more games as good as Mafia II.