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Two PlayStation-Certified Tablets Coming Out This Year

by Phil Kollar on Aug 31, 2011 at 03:35 PM

We've heard plenty of buzz about PlayStation-certified Android phones being released, but did you know that Sony also has a couple of tablets coming out with similar certification? Sony has confirmed that Tablet S and Tablet P are releasing this year.

Joystiq reports that Tablet S, a traditional one-screen tablet available in 16GB or 32GB models will be out in September for prices beginning at $499. The much stranger Tablet P is coming a bit later in the year -- November in Europe and an as-yet-undisclosed date in North America. As pictured above, this one has two screens hinged together, looking sort of like a larger, wider Nintendo DS.

Despite the screen difference, both devices will have similarly powerful hardware, run on Android, and come pre-loaded with PS1 titles Pinball Heroes and Crash Bandicoot. In addition to Android Marketplace support, the PlayStation certification ensures that more PS1 titles will be available to download and play on the devices in the future. On the Tablet P, the controls will be pushed to the bottom screen, which actually seems like it could be a more elegant solution than cramming them onto the screen itself.

For a more technical hands-on, Engadget has all the specs for the two tablets as well as a video walkthrough. Do you have any interest in playing PS1 games on your tablet or would you rather stick to an iPad?