A Post-PAX Look At Dragon Age's Future

by Adam Biessener on Aug 31, 2011 at 08:39 AM

The last week has seen a lot of tidbits flying around about where BioWare's fantasy epic is headed. Among other things, BioWare's Mike Laidlaw mentioned at a PAX panel last weekend that the company was so pleased with the Legacy DLC pack for Dragon Age II that it intends to take its time to create that kind of longer, more polished DLC in the future rather than the sheer quantity it did for Dragon Age: Origins.

That's good news for everyone, I would think – I certainly never hear any feedback from gamers about how they want more horse armor.

Shortly after PAX, Laidlaw revealed on the official BioWare forums that each "major release" of Dragon Age is planned to have a new main character. The Warden Commander and Hawke will still be important characters in the universe, but players will likely take on the roles of new protagonists in any hypothetical Dragon Age III.

Speaking of a "hypothetical" Dragon Age III, Laidlaw also revealed that players will have more control over their followers' equipment and appearance in the third game. Instead of armor directly impacting their character models, they'll have alternate outfits that you earn through play. Don't even front that you're not going to do the sidequest that makes  Morrigan look less crazy raven-lady and more face-meltingly awesome, even if it has no traditional loot rewards.

Not that BioWare is totally working on Dragon Age III right now or anything, but apparently the third game revolves around a globe-spanning conflict that has the templar and mages fighting each other for supremacy.

NeoGAF has a ton more details culled from the official forums and various write-ups from PAX and Gamescom. I'll leave it to the reader to dig through it to find out how many children assorted minor characters have in the canonical fiction.

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