Seen At PAX 2011: Day Three

by Ben Reeves on Aug 29, 2011 at 08:18 AM

PAX 2011 is officially over, but it will live on in our hearts, and in our minds...and in this photo blog. That's right, we've captured the living essence of PAX, and sealed it in here.

One of the bravest space marines around

All kinds of cool gaming related activities happening during PAX

Just half of the LAN gaming area

Dance, dance like it's the last, last night of your life, life. Gon' get you right

At Sega's Rise of Nightmares booth

People who could crack the Quantum Conundrum safe got a prize

There were so many Portal 2 cosplayers this year, but not so many Cave Johnson cosplayers

Master Hare. We don't get it either.

One of the open tabletop gaming areas

We were promised red hair. What is this poppycock!

The BioShock Infinite booth wants to shake your hand

A demo of the new food fight card game; it's less messy than we'd hoped

It's hard not to smile while playing Retro City Rampage

This guy was actually looking for people to buy his old Nintendo. We explained the Internet to him

This seems like the best way to end PAX 2011. Until next year!