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Halo 4 First Part Of "Reclaimer Trilogy"

by Andrew Reiner on Aug 28, 2011 at 07:56 AM

The final day of Penny Arcade Expo is upon us, and the exhibit halls are surprisingly empty. People didn't leave a day early, mind you. They're all crammed into an auditorium to catch 343 Industries' Halo 4 panel.

Much of this discussion involved "we can't talk about this yet" and "we'd love to share more info with you, but at this time we can't" type of responses, but one big piece of information was revealed: The new series of games is called the "Reclaimer Trilogy."

"This trilogy is a direct continuation to the events in Halo 3. It will deal with the fate of John and the fate of Cortana," says 343 Industries' Frank O'Connor.

According to the Halo Nation wiki a Reclaimer is "an individual who, whether by chance or by precedent, has been placed in charge of activating a Halo super-weapon. It has also been demonstrated that it is the role of a Reclaimer to activate Forerunner technology on installations such as The Ark or the Shield Worlds; it is also true that other, undiscovered Forerunner constructs also require a Reclaimer to operate in some fashion lay scattered across the galaxy. The exact qualifications of a Reclaimer are not entirely clear; however, it appears that only a human or Forerunner can be a Reclaimer." Does this mean Chief is going to be tangoing with Forerunners?

During the fan Q&A, someone jokingly said that Master Chief is a man of few words, and asked if he is going to talk during this trilogy? "You're definitely going to have the opportunity to dive deeper into John's mind in this trilogy," Frank said.

A person wearing Master Chief armor came out on stage toward the end of the panel, and Frank pointed out that this new armor was made by the 405th Infantry Division, a group of people who build and wear Halo armors. This armor looks like it was stripped right out of the game. Hollywood, take note.

The panel concluded with a slide show of Halo 4 concept art. Update: The video is now online! You can view it below.