pax 2011

Seen At PAX 2011: Day One

by Ben Reeves on Aug 27, 2011 at 05:00 AM

We traveled the PAX 2011 show floor so you don't have to. What was worth seeing? Let us show you.

Even the cosplayers come out for PAX

The Paramount Theatre plays host to PAX panels during the day and free gaming concerts at night

Outside the Paramount, several gamers line up for the free concert. So many 3DS StreePasses

A view of the show floor from above

Lady Gaga at PAX 2011

At the Warner Bros. booth, this Joker chick was really happy to see us

The line to play Uncharted 3 was getting crazy

Those who attended 2K's Darkness II panel got a free Darkness mask. Darklings like to wear adorable cats on their heads; that's how dark they are

We don't think this guy was actually hiring; we think he was crazy

All kinds of vendors sell all kinds of gaming related merchandise at PAX

One crazy expensive gaming table

A dragon guards the Bethesda booth. We wonder if its friends with the Dragon Age dragons

This is one hell of a miniature

People hurried to PAX to ignore this Firefall statue, which was rumored to have cost a million dollars

A group of zombies terrorizes the local fauna