pax 2011

Seen At PAX 2011: Halo Fest

by Ben Reeves on Aug 26, 2011 at 06:00 AM

Gamers of all walks of life are slowly converging on PAX, the annual Penny Arcade Expo, one of the largest fan-centric gaming expos in the country. In the midst of all the video game hijinx, Microsoft and 343 Studios have set up Halo Fest, an elaborate tribute to Halo's 10 anniversary. Here fans can play Halo Anniversary, scope out all kinds of Halo memorabilia, and meet up with their Xbox Live gamer friends. Here are some of the sight and sounds of Halo Fest (real sounds not included)

Weta's Worthog sits proudly displayed for fans to see

Several statues of the Halo: Reach team are scattered around the event

Some of the walls are lines with Halo fan art

But this fan made pixel are might be the best thing on display

A cool display made out of Halo Mega Blocks

Other displays are a little more highly detailed

Scattered around the complex are several displays featuring Halo merchandise throughout the years

Check out those old Xbox controller prototypes in the top left corner

You might recognize some of these displays from the Halo commercials

Inside Halo Fest is a tiny store filled with all kinds of ways to part with you money

Comics: the reason the Roman's invented writing

An impressive Halo display build out of Mega Blocks. Seriously guys, get some LEGO