Report: Resistance 3 May Be Insomniac's Last Game In The Series

by Jeff Cork on Aug 24, 2011 at 04:40 AM

Resistance has been Insomniac's baby since the first game launched in November 2006. While other studios have worked on the two portable interpretations of the franchise, Insomniac has developed the three main entries in the series. It looks as though the studio is ready to let go of Resistance, according to a recent interview.

"Ted Price, Alex and Brian Hastings, the owners, have been doing this for a long time – something like 15 years of doing Sony exclusive games – and they're just interested in doing other things," says Insomniac's creative director, Marcus Smith, in an interview with Gaming Union.

"We've done Resistance 3 and we're really into it and proud of it, but we're not currently slated to do a Resistance 4," he continues. "So it would be hard to say it's any kind of lynchpin within Insomniac. I think we're thriving and branching out in a lot of different directions." Smith continues by praising Nihilistic and Sony Bend for their work on the handheld Resistance games before saying he's optimistic about the series' future. "We've got a lot of different places for the universe to go, so I could certainly see the series going to another developer. I'm sure Sony would want to find a high-caliber developer to do a good offering. I don't think they'd hand the franchise over to somebody who is going to screw it up."

Does this come as a disappointment to you, or are you excited to see what the studio has in store for players?