LucasArts Working On An Open-World RPG

by Matt Bertz on Aug 23, 2011 at 06:35 AM

Could LucasArts finally be delivering the single-player sequel to the Knights of the Old Republic so many Star Wars fans have been clamoring for?

The two Knights of the Old Republic games left some narrative threads dangling and many questions unanswered. Most importantly, what was the unknown threat that Revan set out to face in the Outer Rim after defeating Darth Malak and destroying the Star Forge?

LucasArts creative director Clint Hocking, whom you may remember from such Ubisoft titles as Splinter Cell and Far Cry 2, recently tweeted that the company is hiring a gameplay engineer for an "open-world RPG." Could this be the long anticipated KOTOR revival? 

We sure hope so, but for all we know it could be a new IP, the continuation of Jet Brody's totally radical franchise Fracture, or even an RTX Red Rock revival starring EZ Wheeler, "the true hero for the next generation." Here's to hoping we get a Fallout-style KOTOR.