Deathwing Battle Coming To WoW In New Patch

by Matt Helgeson on Aug 17, 2011 at 05:47 AM

A newly announced patch for World of Warcraft will add a Cataclysm end battle with the fearsome dragon Deathwing, as well as some new armor and storage abilities.

According to a report on Kotaku, The patch (4.3) allows players to test their mettle against Deathwing. It also includes new five-player dungeons and a new raid.

Players can also use Ethereal abilities to transmogrify armor. Basically, this allows you to combine the armor that you like the best visually with your most powerful armor. Blizzard lead designer Tom Chilton told Kotaku this ability was being added because so many sets of lower-powered armor aren't being used anymore. As a result, many high level players were all wearing the same sets of high level armor. This will hopefully allow more flexibility for players who want a distinct look, but don't want to wear less powerful armor.

Another new feature is "Void storage," which lets players store extra items in a Ethereal dimension. This gived players anywhere from 100 to 150 new item slots. However, all items stored in the Void will lose their enchantments, gems, and identity of the person who crafted it. According to the Kotaku report, this was actually a result of a technical issue.

The patch also updates the WoW user interface and implements a new "Raid Finder," which – as the name suggests – makes it easier to find a raiding party.