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What Are You Gaming On?

by Jeff Cork on Aug 13, 2011 at 08:39 AM

I'll be the first to admit that this is a completely self-indulgent discussion, but I'm hoping it'll spark an interesting conversation and maybe even help some other people out. I'm in the market for a new TV. As you might imagine, I like to play video games from time to time. I'm working with a relatively shallow space, so I'm looking at either an LCD or plasma display. And I need your help.

No, I'm not begging for money on a PayPal account. Honest. I'm just curious to hear what the fine members of the Game Informer online community use. I'm wavering back and forth between a plasma or LCD screen. Is screen burn-in a big issue for any of you guys who play on plasmas? I've read that it's much better than it used to be, but that there are still issues with temporary image retention of HUD elements. If you're on an LCD, have you had any issues with lag or any noticeable delays? I'd like to eventually hook up a PC to the display, too, if that matters.

I've read a fair amount on the subject, but I haven't found much information that's tailored for people like me who regularly play games for five-hour stretches.