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Benny Brickster Strikes Again! This Time With A Halo Pelican

by Andrew Reiner on Aug 09, 2011 at 08:15 AM

Remember that LEGO Master Chief helmet we showed you last year? Its creator, Benny Brickster, is back with another mind-blowing LEGO creation. This time he's wowing the LEGO world with his LEGO to scale Halo Pelican. I've built a number of LEGO ships in my day, and I have no idea how Benny is making so many difficult angles work.

This particular Pelican is 26-inches long. Benny says that the passenger bay can hold 10 sitting characters and five standing, just like the pelican from the game. For more shots check out Benny's Flickr stream. He also opens up a challenge to other creators to guess how he attached two round bricks to the bottom of the vehicle. In all honesty, I'm perplexed by most of this creation's design.