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Update: Bethesda Sics Lawyers On Minecraft Dev's Other Project

by Jeff Cork on Aug 05, 2011 at 08:29 AM

Update: Minecraft creator Notch has responded to Bethesda's lawsuit over Mojang's game Scrolls. In his blog, he lays out the entire history leading up to this legal threat.

In his blog post, Notch reiterates his appreciation of Bethesda, which can be seen firsthand in our exclusive interview between Notch and Elder Scrolls mastermind Todd Howard. The Minecraft creator believes the lawsuit is mostly a automated legal response and "lawyers being lawyers." Apparently, when Notch registered the trademark for Minecraft a year ago, he also filed one for Scrolls. Shortly after the trademark was filed, Bethesda wanted to know more about the title, which ultimately lead to the lawsuit.

Notch doesn't believe the accusation carries much water, but I guess we'll have to wait and see how this unravels.

Original Story: In a move that's certain to expand their fan base, Bethesda has reportedly told Mojang Specifications, the indie studio behind the blockbuster game Minecraft, that its upcoming RPG called Scrolls infringes on the company's trademark.

Markus Perrson, better known by his online handle Notch, tweeted the news this morning. "Just got a letter from Bethesta's [sic] lawyers. They claim "Scrolls" infringes on their trademark and everyone will confuse it with Skyrim," he wrote.

We've reached out to Bethesda for comment, and we'll update this story when we hear back from them.