King Of Fighters XIII Receives Four-Disc Soundtrack Pre-Order Bonus

by Phil Kollar on Jul 29, 2011 at 01:00 PM

Atlus is pretty well-regarded for having great pre-order incentives and special editions, but they're going crazy with their offer for King of Fighters XIII pre-orders.

Fans who pre-order at participating retailers will receive a giant four-disc King of Fighters soundtrack collection. These discs will collect musc from the series nearly 20-year history, and it will be available to consumers simply by pre-ordering the game. You're not even paying extra money for a special edition! That's a heck of a deal for fans of this niche fighting game franchise.

Atlus also revealed a full list of the game's modes, which mostly look as you'd expect: story, online versus, mission mode, tutorial, and more. The game will be shown off this weekend at the Evo fighting tournament.