Rumor: Does EA Have Studio Named Black Troll Working On A PS3 Shooter?

by Matt Helgeson on Jul 26, 2011 at 11:23 AM

Well, this is curious. At this late stage in the current console cycle, new franchises -- and system exclusives -- are rare. But it appears that Electronic Arts might have a previously unknown studio, named Black Troll, working on a PlayStation 3 FPS.

The sleuths at SystemLink PlayStation have uncovered an online resume posting for a user interface artist who lists his current position as working for Black Troll Studios working on an "unannounced FPS title in development (PS3)."

Since no one has ever heard of Black Troll Studios, SystemLink did some digging and found that an official site -- which is currently blank -- had recently gone live on the Internet.

It turns out the domain is registered to Electronic Arts and has been since November of 2010. Just what this unannounced Black Troll project consists of is unknown, other than the fact that -- according to the resume -- it's a shooter. Could it be a new internally developed IP from EA?