Walmart To Share Its Sales Data

by Matthew Kato on Jul 25, 2011 at 04:06 AM

We all eagerly dissect the monthly sales data numbers, and from now on that landscape is going to change. Retail giant Walmart has announced that it is lifting its ban on reporting its video game sales data.

The retail chain's sales data will now be available to third-party data collectors such as The NPD group and Nielsen (who is the company's primary provider), and given the sheer size of Walmart's presence in the market, it should make a big impact as well as simply providing more accurate numbers.

“This expanded relationship with Nielsen will provide Walmart and Sam’s Club with deeper insights into customer purchasing – and unmet needs – both nationally and in key local markets,” says Cindy Davis, executive vice president of Walmart global customer insights.

Analysts speculate that Walmart is making the move to clear up some revenue losses the retailer has incurred due to pricing mistakes in some markets.