Report: Were Red Fly Layoffs Caused By A Canceled Star Wars Project?

by Matt Helgeson on Jul 19, 2011 at 11:59 AM

Recently, Austin-based developer Red Fly Studios was forced to lay off around 30 employees due to a "high-profile project" that had been canceled. Now, it appears that project maybe have been a Star Wars game.

Internet sleuth Superannuation is once again on the case, and has tracked down an online resume by a former Red Fly employee Patrick Doran. Doran was an artist at Red Fly. On his resume, the most current entry reads as follows:

"Environment Artist (January-June 2011) for next-gen Star Wars title"

Doran lists his time of employment at Red Fly from May 2008-June 2011, suggesting that the project that was canceled was, in fact, a Star Wars game.

Red Fly had most recently done the Wii version of Thor: God of Thunder and is best known for the cult hit Mushroom Men (pictured above).