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Green Lantern DLC Headed To DC Universe Online

by Adam Biessener on Jul 11, 2011 at 09:35 AM

Sony Online announced the first downloadable add-on for its PC/PS3 action/MMO today. The "Fight for the Light" pack will include a new Light power set and three new Green Lantern-themed scenarios in its $10 price tag later this summer.

Players will get the chance to nerd out over the Green and Yellow Lantern Corps in a battle with Brainiac inside S.T.A.R. Labs, head to the Green Lantern homeworld to fight alongside Guy Gardner or Sinestro depending on their allegiance, and face off against the Red Lantern Corps at Hal Jordan's joint.

SOE dropped a bunch of Catwoman content for free earlier this year, but adding the Rainbow Lanterns (that's what they're called, right?) to your game will cost you $9.99 on either platform. The new power set is probably be the deal breaker here; if it's awesome fun to play with the Light, this could be a fine deal. Otherwise you're paying ten bucks for three new dungeons, which seems pretty weak for a game you're already paying a monthly subscription for.