WWE Brawl Looks Even More Cartoonish Than All Stars

by Dan Ryckert on Jul 10, 2011 at 01:24 PM

Earlier this year, WWE and THQ launched All Stars, a new wrestling title that featured cartoonishly oversized superstars with over-the-top moves. From the looks of the debut trailer for WWE Brawl, it should be taking things even further.

Gameplay starts around the 38 second mark in the video below, and it looks more like Smash Bros. than a wrestling game. Undertaker steals souls, John Cena makes his chain explode or something, and there's a bear for some reason.

No official announcement has come from THQ yet, but the video made its debut in a WWE corporate initiatives video. We'll update as soon as we hear more about this new title.

Source: Destructoid