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Finally, A Safe Way To Drink And Drive

by Matt Helgeson on Jul 07, 2011 at 03:10 PM

Note: drinking and driving is illegal and dangerous. Do not do it under any circumstances. Unless you're behind the wheel of Dream Arcade's latest ridiculous creation: the Octane 120 Beer Arcade.

Dream Arcades is a manufacturer of custom PC arcade cabinets -- many use MAME emulation to run a variety of classic arcade titles. However, this latest model is a bit different. It's aimed at the gamer who wants to enjoy a cold one behind the wheel, all in the safety of his or her home.

The Octane 120 features a unspecified "high end" gaming PC, an Epson 2300 Lumen high-definition projector, 120-inch projection screen, 5.1 audio system, leather wrapped steering wheel, force feedback, and variable resistance clutch, brake and gas pedals. Pretty much everything you'd want for a hardcore video game driving experience…plus one special feature. The thing features two beer taps, one at the rear of the unit and one on the dashboard, and holds either two five-gallon or one half-barrel keg(s) of beer. It also has flames on the side because, you know, why wouldn't it?

The unit comes pre-loaded with a dozen "driving sims," but Dream Arcade hasn't confirmed which ones.

This ridiculous product will run you a cool $5999.00. Which is expensive, but not nearly as expensive as a DUI, and it's perfectly safe. There's no release date, but for a high priced product like this you probably want to go to the Dream Arcades site and contatct a sales representative.