Dragon Age II: Legacy DLC Coming This Month

by Matthew Kato on Jul 07, 2011 at 11:00 AM

Today at the Summer Showcase, EA announced that Dragon Age II would be getting a story-based DLC episode called Legacy.

Legacy comes out on July 26 for Xbox 360, PC, Mac, and PlayStation 3. It centers around the Hawke family (particularly the father, who is absent from DA II), and the gameplay encourages tactical team-based combat that utilizes everyone's abilities. Legacy pits players against a foreboding foe that even the Grey Wardens wouldn't touch.

The demo showed on the stage featured the player going up against a Guardian mini-boss, which spawns impressive clones to badger the player. After defeating the Guardian, five weapon-strengthening pillars were available. Each pillar offered its own weapon bonus, such as speed reduction and critical damage, and whichever bonus you've picked can be taken back into the main game.

We hope to have more on Legacy soon.