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BioWare Struggling With Tali's Unmasking

by Jeff Cork on Jul 03, 2011 at 02:31 AM

As we head into Mass Effect 3, we all have a lot of questions. What is the Illusive Man's angle? Will we see the Rachni Queen again? Will Shepard get his groove one one last time? In addition to those important questions, there's the lingering mystery of what exactly is behind Tali's mask. As it turns out, that's something that BioWare has been struggling with, too.

In an interview with CVG, Mass Effect's executive producer Casey Hudson explained the situation. "A lot of people want to have her face revealed and obviously people are going to be pissed off either way. Like 'I thought she was going to look beautiful!' or 'I thought she was going to be the most hideous thing ever!' So we've had a lot of debate over Tali's face, but that's the one we kind of dread a lot. We're always 'Well, let's talk about something else for a while!' That's something we're going to have to decide."

Like Hudson says, it's definitely a tough situation. As long as her face isn't composed out of a writhing mass of spiders, I'll be OK with their decision. Who knows? Maybe she's a dead ringer for Master Chief?