Prepare Yourself For The Baconing

by Jeff Marchiafava on Jul 01, 2011 at 08:35 AM

Just when you thought Deathspank couldn't get any weirder, Hothead Games has announced The Baconing. The sequel will require Deathspank to enter the Fires of Bacon in order bring peace back to Spanktopia. There's a sentence I never thought I would write.

The humorous debut trailer shows the toll that boredom has taken on Deathspank, which is abruptly interrupted by the giant robot monster thing shown above. That monster is apparently named Antispank, and was unwittingly summoned when Deathspank decided to put on all of his underwear at the same time -- also out of boredom. Thankfully, players will be able to stave off boredom with The Baconing's 100+ quests and local co-op mode, which will allow your buddy to choose from the game's four sidekicks.

The Baconing will be available "soon" on PC, Mac, and "other computerized boxes."