Club Nintendo Members Can Score More Pins, A Calendar

by Jeff Cork on Jul 01, 2011 at 02:45 AM

If you're a Nintendo fan who still has space available on your denim vest, this is a wonderful time to be alive. Nintendo has announced the prizes for members of its Club Nintendo loyalty program, and they include enough pins to make Kirby barf.

Platinum members can snag a set of 25 (count 'em) pins that feature the characters and icons from the Mario series. If that's not enough, the pins come in a display stand that can be arranged to create larger images of Mario, a mushroom, or a goomba. It's true! If you're a lowly gold member, there's still hope. Well, there is if you need a calendar. Gold members can score a 2012 calendar, featuring art from various Nintendo games.

The prizes are free to qualifying members. If you're among them, log on already. If you're not, go to the site and sign up. You earn coins for registering Nintendo games and hardware. Earn 300 in the year, and you're a gold level member. If you earn 600, you're in platinum territory.

For you Club Nintendo members out there: What do you think of this year's prizes?