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Utah Game Law Won't Go Forward

by Matt Miller on Jun 30, 2011 at 10:30 AM

In the first days after the landmark Supreme Court decision on Brown v. EMA, the legislator behind a similar Utah law is backing down.

Salt Lake City-based Deseret News is reporting one of the first follow-ups on the recent Supreme Court ruling. There, Republican State Representative Michael Morley has stated he now has no plans to pursue a revival of a state law involving M-rated video games.

The original law passed the Utah legislature in 2008, but was vetoed by then-Governor Jon Hunstman Jr.. Had it passed, the law would have offered a way for parents to sue retail outlets that had claimed to not sell Mature games to minors, but then did so anyway.

Morley told the Deseret News that he still thought his law would have been constitutional if it had passed, but that he has no plans to pursue the issue further at this time. "It's not on my radar to fight that fight," Morley said.

It's unclear whether Morley's statement and decision on the subject came as a direct result of the recent Supreme Court ruling. That said, any lawmaker like Morley will have a much steeper hill to climb on similar legislation in the future.