Crytek Still "Interested In" Timesplitters

by Matt Bertz on Jun 27, 2011 at 06:35 AM

Though Crytek formally denounced rumors that the company is working on Timesplitters 4 for the next generation Xbox console, co-founder Anvi Yerli says a new game in the series is still on the table.

When Crytek acquired former developer Free Radical in 2009 and renamed it Crytek UK, the company also received rights to all of the studio's intellectual property. Though no one is champing at the bit to see a Haze sequel, the well regarded Timesplitters series may still have value. That begs the question – what does Crytek plan to do with the series?

"Obviously Timesplitters, historically, was for them [Crytek UK] an important IP," Yerli told NowGamer. "From our perspective we always had a lot of fun playing Timesplitters – Timesplitters 2 was amazing fun. Crytek and Crytek UK are interested in the IP; we are thinking about it but we’re trying to decide what we could do best with the IP, where we could bring it. There are no concrete plans yet."

When NowGamer asked if an HD collection of the previous titles could be in the works, Yerli said, "That’s a good idea! [laughs] There are indeed a lot of games doing it but we haven’t thought about that yet. But it’s a good idea..."

What's your take? Are you interested in another Timesplitters game or would you rather the team work on something else?