Rumor: Full Sonic Generations Stage List Uncovered

by Tim Turi on Jun 23, 2011 at 10:22 AM

Some crafty Sonic junkies have rooted around in the recently released Sonic Generations demo and discovered a real doozy. We can’t be positive that this is the final list, but it does suggest that there are far fewer classic stages than longtime fans may appreciate.

The levels appear to be listed chronologically, acting as a timetable of Sonic’s history over the… generations? It also suggests that Casino Night Zone will be DLC. The level is apparently a pinball stage exclusive to preorders. Another revelation is each stage will have about 5 acts. Other scuttlebutt hints that the game will also come with a Genesis emulator. Could Sega be using this as another opportunity to offer fans a Sonic collection?

The list as posted by Sonic Retro forums:

Green Hill Zone
Chemical Plant Zone
Sky Sanctuary Zone
Speed Highway
City Escape
Seaside Hill
Crisis City
Rooftop Run
Planet Wisp

Casino Night Zone

Boss fights
Metal Sonic
"Death Egg"
Perfect Chaos
Egg Dragoon
Boss LastBoss(TimeEater) (That's just what the file calls it.)

We’ll keep you posted if any more developments arise.

[via Destructoid]