Play Mass Effect 3 Next Month

by Matt Miller on Jun 23, 2011 at 07:22 AM

Any and all BioWare fans can play demos of the team's upcoming games in July. You'll just need to hitch a ride to San Diego.

BioWare has announced a fan event to coincide with the San Diego Comic Con near the end of July. The team will be set up at the Hilton Gaslamp hotel, where enthusiastic players will have their first opportunity to play Mass Effect 3 and a new DLC pack for Dragon Age 2.

As part of the event, BioWare will also be hosting a BioWare-themed cosplay contest, so we can all look forward to lots of Darkspawn dudes with Morrigan girlfriends on their arms.

It's worth noting that gamers won't need to have a Comic Con convention badge to get into the BioWare event. In addition, for folks who can't manage to make the trip, BioWare plans to post live updates from the show via its BioWare Pulse broadcasts.

Who's dressing up?!

[via IGN]