Kinect Enables The Dreams…Of Advertisers

by Adam Biessener on Jun 23, 2011 at 06:35 AM

Microsoft is hyping a new application for the company's Kinect peripheral at an advertising and marketing conference in France next week. NUads will allow advertisers to embed Kinect functionality in existing television ads that can invite users to interact by voting, tweeting, or getting more information on an advertised product or service.

Once the technology is deployed – Microsoft hasn't said anything about availability yet – users will be able to use simple Kinect commands to interact with ads that use the NUads (short for "natural user interface") toolset. For instance, you could say, "Xbox Tweet" to send a prefabricated message through Twitter, or "Xbox near me" to push a map of the nearest seller to your mobile phone.

You can bet that this is a big draw for potential partners of Microsoft's new television services on Xbox Live. I'll bet that most of the things I say to my TV during commercials won't be recognized by Kinect, though.

[The New York Times via Gamespot]