Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Costs $40

by Joe Juba on Jun 13, 2011 at 10:20 AM

Dead Rising 2 was a successful title, but some fans weren't too happy about the prospect of buying the whole game again just to play as Frank West in Off the Record. Well, here's something that might soften the blow: The game only costs $40.

Speaking with Eurogamer, executive producer Jason Leigh assuaged doubts by revealing that Off The Record would not be a full-priced release. "And now we can finally reveal the price, which is $39.99 for North America," Leigh said.

Considering that Off The Record contains even more content than the original, including a new area and new psychopaths, this reduced sticker price is a great value for those who haven't played Dead Rising 2. On the other hand, it still may seem a little steep if you already know Chuck Greene's journey through Fortune City inside and out. Of course, Capcom doesn't see it that way.

"It's a much bigger game than Dead Rising 2 was," says Leigh. "Either for return players coming back, they'll get a very different experience, or for people who have never played a Dead Rising game, or perhaps have only played the first one, they're getting a full-fledged product for a budget price."

(Source: Eurogamer)