Epic Games Is Latest Victim Of Hack Attack

by Matthew Kato on Jun 11, 2011 at 03:30 AM

Yesterday it was revealed that Codemasters' website was hacked (again), now Epic says that its websites and forums were attacked.

On Epic's official forum, administrator Flak says that posts and new accounts made after Monday were lost, and a statement from Epic Games' CEO Tim Sweeney states that email addresses and encrypted passwords of forum users were taken.

Sweeney says this was the extent of the damage. "The Unreal Developer Network (UDN) has not been comprimised. None of our web sites ask for, or store, credit card information or other sensitive customer data. We're sorry for the inconvenience, and appreciate everyone's patience as we get our servers back under control."

Epic suggests that everyone change their passwords.

In other, unfortunately ironic Epic news, design director Cliff Bleszinski told Game Trailers that companies need to work with hackers. "Generally speaking when it comes to hackers, you want to embrace a lot of what they are doing instead of fighting it. I think the industry is slowly learning that."

Bleszinski was mainly referring to homebrew development and how things like Kinect Fun Labs are stoking people's creativity, but the comment has a lamentable underside to it. The interview was posted on Tuesday, but it's not known if Bleszinski knew of the attack while he gave the interview.

[via IGN]