nintendo press conference

Nintendo Reveals New Starfox 64 3D Details

by Jeff Marchiafava on Jun 07, 2011 at 06:50 AM

Today at Nintendo's press conference, Reggie shed more light on the 3DS remake of Starfox 64.

Although we have known that Starfox 64 3D is coming since the 3DS reveal at last year's E3, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime revealed some never-before-seen details of the game. In addition to piloting your space fighter with traditional controls, you can also steer by tilting the entire unit. We're not sure how this will affect viewing the 3D images, but will report more when we try it out on the show floor.

Additionally, the bottom screen acts as your ship's HUD, showing the faces and dialogue of your co-pilots during missions. Reggie revealed that in multiplayer, the 3DS's camera will take pictures of players' faces, replacing Fox's animal companions with your actual friends. Expect to see plenty of co-pilots replaced by middle fingers during the multiplayer.

Reggie also announced Starfox 64 3D will be available this September.