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Sony press conference

Sony Shows Off Uncharted 3 Campaign, Reveals Early MP Access

by Tim Turi on Jun 06, 2011 at 03:14 PM

Sony’s first game to show off during their E3 press conference was Uncharted 3. Co-presidents Evan Wells Christophe Balestra took to the stage, excited to show off a portion of the game’s single-player campaign, and announce a deal that will get hungry fans early access to the game’s full multiplayer.

The demo starts out with Nathan Drake finding his footing on a shaky cruise ship. The contents of a big swimming pool slosh in the middle of the cruise deck, foreshadowing the incoming chaos. Drake passes a tiki hut and enters a decadent ballroom. Humongous gold chandeliers sway from the ceiling. A lone guard stands in the center of the room. A little bit of stealth results in an easy takedown. Nathan finds his way out of the posh room and ends up in a walkway running along the side of the ship. The dark waters splashing in the distant ocean look incredible.

The cruise ship looks like it’s been at sea for years. Loose items roll around the floor as the ship sways on the turbulent waters. The dynamically shifting level of the ship is another miracle born from Naughy Dog’s impressive physics technology.

Drake explores down towards the underbelly of the ship. Displaying his unparalleled dexterity and strength, Drake climbs down ship machinery to reach the very bottom of the ship. Naturally, our hero is cornered by a ton of guards. One brute apprehends Drake, and Nate responds by grabbing a grenade off his chest and tossing it into the distance. The explosion causes a torrent of water to start spilling into the ship’s belly. A car rolls across the floor and crashes into the hull, resulting in an even bigger leak. A wall of water slowly rises until the ship finally capsizes, causing Drake’s world to turn on its ear. He’s struggles to get to the surface, and eventually climbs into a sideways hallway. He falls through a doorway as things around him start to crumble. A huge piece of the ship pins him underwater. He pushes it off, then searches for air. The water has finally reached the top of the ship, and Drake must find a new route underwater. He finds a vent and swims to the another portion of the ship. He surfaces and gasps for air. His brief respite is cut short as a surge of water rushes behind him, marking the end of the demo.

Following the vertical slice of the game, Sony and Naughty Dog made an interesting announcement: Subway and PlayStation are joining forces to distribute early access to Uncharted 3’s multiplayer. Not mere beta access, this is actually early access to the full multiplayer component of the game. Hope you like meatball subs as much as you like adventuring. We’ll bring you more details on the deal when we get them.

After the announcement, the crowd was told to put on their special glasses for a 3D trailer. The ensuing volley of action and story elements - including a slickly-dressed male antagonist - popped out at the screen. The 3D effect looks great!

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception releases November 1, 2011 only for PS3.