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ubisoft press conference

Rayman And Globox Traverse Gorgeous, Diverse Levels In Rayman Origins

by Annette Gonzalez on Jun 06, 2011 at 12:13 PM

Ubisoft luminary Michel Ancel took the stage at the Ubisoft press conference in Los Angeles this afternoon to show off the Montpellier team's latest project, Rayman Origins. After dropping his best Shakespeare lines, Ancel and the project's lead programmer gave the crowd a glimpse of Origins' diverse and gorgeous levels that truly impressed.

The co-op multiplayer demo showed Rayman and his best bud Globox jumping into a portal, which kicked off pursuit of a mobile treasure chest. In an athletic platforming level, Rayman and Globox sprinted across on a speed run to catch the swift chest while avoiding spikes along the way. Past this level, the aesthetic quickly changed gears with design inspired by Tetris (complete with the classic tune!) as blocks dropped down and created platforms for the duo to cross. The rest of the level brought upon a hell-like environment with a kitchen theme complete with hot lava and vines lined with chili peppers to help the team get closer to the treasure chest. Moving on, Rayman and Globox dive into an underwater swimming sequence, which introduces the newly designed Lums that sing a delightful tune as they're collected. The pace picks up once the team is chased by a large, prickly enemy, increasing the challenge of picking up collectibles and avoiding other dangerous aquatic life along the way. Once Rayman and Globox survive this sequence, the friends take a break to slap each other around with a few melee moves.

Rayman and Globox get closer to the treasure chest right when a pirate ship emerges packed with Lividstones. At this moment, a familiar character to fans of Rayman, Moskito, flies onto the scene and gives Rayman a lift. In a steampunk level, Moskito and Rayman fly across the environment (Globox floats along) as Moskito sucks up and spits out enemies to clear the way. The ship pursuing our heroes punctures a giant orb and causes a massive explosion. This drops Rayman and Globox in a theater where they finally catch up to the pesky treasure chest to conclude the demo. Though the demo only showed off two-player co-op, Rayman Origins will offer multiplayer for up to four players when it releases this holiday.

The Rayman Origins E3 demo left a positive impression on the Game Informer staff and we look forward to getting a more in-depth look at the game on the show floor this week!

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