Sony press conference

ModNation On PSVita Shows Fast Track Creation, Cross Platform Compatibility

by Annette Gonzalez on Jun 06, 2011 at 03:58 PM

In a stage demo during the Sony press conference, the ModNation team showed off gameplay and track creation on the PSVita. On day one of release, players will have access to the more than two million user generated creations of the PS3 version right on PSVita with cross platform compatibility.

The ModNation team assures that the Vita version is not a port of the PlayStation 3 version or the PSP version. There will be new content included and track creation will be as easy as ever. The demo showcased how you can simply touch and drag your finger across the touch screen to create your track path. You can then use touch controls to navigate menus and populate your course with aesthetic objects. Push on the back touch panel to create mountains or rub on the front touch screen to create a dip in the environment. To set your lighting you can drag the sun around the screen for the perfect setup. When your track is ready to go you can instantly hop on and race.

We'll provide hands-on impressions when we hit the show floor this week!