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Mass Effect 3 To Support Kinect

by Tim Turi on Jun 06, 2011 at 07:12 AM

Bioware visionary Dr. Ray Muzyka took the stage today at the Microsoft press conference in sunny Los Angeles. He began by stating that the Mass Effect series’ genesis was combining a rich, new sci-fi universe with a blockbuster action game. He then went on to reveal that Mass Effect 3 will support Kinect’s voice command in several interesting ways.

The demonstration began with Shepard engaging Salarian scientist Mordin about the last female Krogan alive. The summarized responses in the player’s conversation wheel were spoken by the demonstrator, prompting Shepard to say the full response in game. Shepard assured the Krogran female that he would do everything he could to keep her alive.

Following that, an enemy assault hits Shepard and his crew, prompting the commander, Liara, and Garrus to take up defensive positions. Kinect also allows players to shout commands like “Liara front,” and “Liara Singularity,” causing Liara to run to the front of the room and launch a singularity, creating a mini black hole to disrupt the enemies. Shepard then ran up to one of the enemies and annihilated him with a new melee attack – a type of energy sword-style slash that reminded me of the brutal Halo weapon. Bioware promises that the tactical advantage of Kinect will be huge.

The demo concluded with a massive battle mech landing at Shepard’s doorstep, hinting at a tremendous boss battle after the segment.

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