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Final Nintendo HD Name Debate Continues

by Matt Miller on Jun 05, 2011 at 06:30 AM

Two days before Nintendo will announce the new system to the world, rumors circulate on the console's actual name.

On Tuesday morning, Nintendo will announce its new gaming system to the world. What remains unclear is exactly what the company will call its latest venture into console production.

For several weeks now, the accepted code name for the system has been Project Cafe, but it's unlikely that the name will stick as a final moniker. For months prior to the announcement of the Wii, Nintendo Revolution was the most talked about name, and that descriptor never materialized.

This time, the most common scuttlebutt across the industry seems to point to a move towards simplicity in naming conventions. Some have suggested that Nintendo will stick with the enthusiasm for their last console and name the new machine the Wii 2 or Wii HD. Other sites, including Game Informer, have commonly referred to the system as Nintendo HD. Another popular rumor suggests that this next-gen system will be called Nintendo Stream, partly due to the supposed ability of the system to stream info to its own controllers. This idea is at least partially supported by the purported presence of a six-inch touchscreen on the primary controller, which would presumably receive data directly from the core console.

Of course, it's unlikely we'll know for sure until Tuesday morning's Nintendo press briefing. Even so, new variations are still emerging on the name even this late in the process. The most recent reports Game Informer is hearing, just two days before the show? It's possible the final name will be just a single word that everyone is already familiar with.