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Blast Monkeys Is A Game You Should Play

by Jeff Marchiafava on May 30, 2011 at 11:00 AM

Looking for a fun, free mobile game to play on your day off (or at work, if you’re particularly unlucky)? Look no further: Blast Monkeys is a game about shooting a monkey out of a cannon, which is precisely as fun as it sounds.

Blast Monkeys is available for the iPhone and Android phones. It is a puzzle game that tasks the player with shooting a monkey named Moki from a cannon at the bottom of the screen into a goal in order to progress to the next level. Each level contains three bananas that can be picked up along the way, but once Moki leaves your cannon, you have no control over him. Getting him to the goal requires bouncing him off a variety of walls and moving platforms – a little luck comes in handy as well.

Blast Monkeys throws a number of twists at the player. Shooting Moki into strategically-placed bubbles will cause the monkey to slowly float to the top of the screen, or until the player pops the bubble by tapping it. Later levels feature spike-laden surfaces and multiple cannons, requiring you to shoot your simian friend back and forth, similar to the bonus levels in Donkey Kong Country.

The game features 90 levels, split into three chapters. The second and third chapter each cost 300 Monkey Coins to unlock, which you can earn through social means (like rating or tweeting about the game), or by collecting the bananas in each level. Thankfully there are enough bananas in each chapter to unlock the next one, so if you take the time to collect them all, you won’t have to spam your friends in order play the next set of levels. The developer also promises that more levels will be available soon. I’m about 50 levels into the game and so far it remains entertaining.

Do you only like games that feature complex storylines and deep lore? Here is Moki’s extensive back story, straight from the game’s website:

There is one thing in life that Moki wants: bananas.

What, that’s not enough for you? He’s a monkey and he wants bananas – what more is there to say? I mentioned the part about shooting him out of a cannon, right? Frankly, if you weren’t sold by a title like Blast Monkeys, then there’s really no getting through to you.