THQ Announces Homefront Patch, DLC Pack

by Matt Bertz on May 26, 2011 at 06:55 AM

With over 2.6 million copies shipped, Homefront has found an audience despite a lukewarm reception from critics. Now THQ is air-dropping a new patch to smooth out the underrated multiplayer in addition to prepping a fresh downloadable content pack.

The patch, which is available now, features a host of in-game improvements including:

  • Assist points for vehicle kills
  • Rank resets
  • Game returns to MP menu instead of main menu after leaving a match
  • Max ping limits for server connections (prevent connections to distant servers)
  • Game freeze & hitching fixes
  • Joining friends feature
  • Fixing beacon errors
  • Party connectivity
  • Various other fixes

Kaos Studios has also prepared a new ability pack available immediately to give players more options on the battlefield. Here are the new perks:

  • Ice Cold: Invisible on thermal views and airstrike sensors
  • Situational Awareness: Enemy gamertag appears when shot
  • EMP Tactician: Deal more damage vs EMP’d vehicles
  • Short Fuse: Reduced cook time on frag grenades
  • Bomb Suit: Take less damage from explosives

The Fire Sale map pack offers only two new multiplayer maps, but THQ says it's the first of many more robust DLC offerings to come. Look for it on June 7 on Xbox Live. The price was not announced.