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Sony Reveals Resistance 3 Preorder Bonuses

by Matt Helgeson on May 26, 2011 at 03:21 PM

Sony is offering a myriad of retailer-specific preorder bonuses for Insomniac's upcoming shooter Resistance 3. Get your pen ready, because it's complicated. Seriously, this preorder bonus stuff is getting out of control.

Here's how the preorder bonuses breaks down by retailer:


-- A necklace of Chimeran teeth worn by Joseph Capelli in the game.

-- A unique multiplayer booster, which allows you to start Resistance 3 at level 5, allowing you more character customization options at the outset of the game.


-- A set of five custom name titles (multiplayer tags), including Sentinel.


-- No. 60 Fuel Grenade. This will be available in the single-player only to people that preorder through Amazon. Here's a description: "The grenade will adhere to almost any surface, biological or otherwise, and deploy a cloud of flammable vapor. Once released, the cloud ignites, creating a massive explosion."

Best Buy:

-- Nathan Hale, the hero of the first two games, as a skin in multiplayer (pictured at top). Also, the ability to taunt in multiplayer (which must be used in place of another ability).

Other retailers in Canada and U.S.:

-- Black Ops troop skin in multiplayer.

Source: PlayStation Blog