June Game Informer Digital Edition Goes Free Until May 30th

by Andy McNamara on May 26, 2011 at 04:03 PM

For over a year now, Game Informer has offered a digital subscription to the magazine that was simple in design. With the most recent June issue we went back to the drawing board and started building digital issues from the ground up, with some added digital bonuses.

From exclusive content to interactive pages, the new Game Informer Digital magazine is all about an easy reading experience as it is created to be native to your computer screen and take advantage of all the things a computer-based digital edition can offer. Like any project however, we managed to make the product before we had all the bells and whistles in place. So if you are interested in getting a Game Informer Digital subscription you will need to visit your local Gamestop until we can make digital subscriptions available online.

There has been a lot of demand to see the product, and so we figured, why not share it with you, our loyal gameinformer.com and magazine readers.

So until May 30th, we are offering free access to the June Issue of Game Informer Digital. Click the link at the bottom of the story and enjoy, but before you head out to read it, take a moment to review some basic navigation hints below. Also, please make sure to post feedback here and let us know what we can do better.

I should also note, that the Digital edition requires an internet connection, and all the bells and whistles are not supported by iOS (for now, but it does "work"). Also, a couple quick notes about navigation.  You can read the magazine in a classic style by just pressing the right button (found at the bottom of the screen in the center) from beginning to end or you can use Home button (it's blue!) after you finish a piece of content to go directly to the interactive table of contents and select the next story you want to read. Also, in the upper right there are three icons for screens, movies, and purchase. If those light up for the story you are currently reading that means these special options are open for business so make sure to check out the custom screenshot viewer, movie player, or place an order for your favorite game.

Enjoy the issue!