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Mass Effect 3's Ending Has "Degrees Of Success"

by Joe Juba on May 18, 2011 at 07:28 AM

In Mass Effect 2, you could measure how good of an ending you received by how many coffins you shot into space after the final mission. In Mass Effect 3, your choices will similarly determine the price you pay for victory.

Speaking to PC Gamer, Mass Effect 3's executive producer Casey Hudson explained how the game will weigh decisions you've made throughout the entire series, and how they impact the conclusion. "You’re basically building towards greater and greater degrees of success, in terms of how you’re able to fight the Reapers," Hudson says. "So similarly you’re going to want to do more, and be more successful, and make better choices throughout. And then that, combined with more personal or more moral choices about how to deal with things… those things will ultimately affect part of the end game, which is pretty amazing."

Considering that BioWare has said that the continued survival of entire civilizations is at stake in Mass Effect 3, you might need to stock up on space-coffins if you make the wrong moves.

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(Source: PC Gamer)