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NSFW Duke Nudem Promo Game Rewards Accuracy With Nudity

by Dan Ryckert on May 18, 2011 at 10:10 AM

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We're absolutely shocked that a promotional website for Duke Nukem Forever would glorify guns and breasts, but somehow...Duke Nudem exists. Frankly, we expected Gearbox to pull off something more akin to Valve's Portal 2 ARG, not a Flash game in which strippers take their clothes off to reward gamers for hitting targets in a shooting gallery.

The game is definitely NSFW, so play at home if you're interested. There's a SFW option in the game, but forget about it since you're probably not supposed to be playing Flash games at work. Unless your boss is cool with you shooting cardboard targets on the clock so you can see breasts. If that's the case...where are you working?

It's worth noting that 2K has specifically not marketed this new Duke Nudem game here in the States; the Duke Nudem game is squarely being targeted towards European gamers, which may tell you a little something about the difference between cultural standards on the two continents. All that said, the internet is the great equalizer, and Duke Nudem is available no matter from where you log in.