Sid Meier Hopes To Have Civ On Facebook This Summer

by Adam Biessener on May 11, 2011 at 09:58 AM

The legendary developer's next project, Civilization World, will put 200 people in each game as they vie for cultural, military, technological, and economic dominance.

We've known that Meier is working on a Civilization game for Facebook for some time now, but the icon revealed new details recently in a lengthy interview with CNN. The biggest issue with moving the beloved franchise into the social space? The asynchronous, bite-sized nature of Facebook gaming.

"[Players jumping into the game at different times] fundamentally changes the mechanics of the game," Meier told CNN. "Things have to happen at a pace where everybody can be included. So that fundamentally changes the pacing and the mechanisms of the game."

Meier spoke highly of Facebook's natural emphasis on co-op play as well as the ease of incorporating changes on a platform where everyone basically re-downloads the game for each play session. Unlike other Facebook games, Civilization World will have a definite start and end – no grinding forever and buying Civ Points to get ever-fancier libraries or whatever.

Even with these new details, I don't know what to think about Civilization World. I'm always up for more Civ, but Facebook still makes me nervous. Maybe this will be one of the opening gambits of a post-Zynga landscape. I'd be fine with that.

(Pictured: Civilization V, as there are no images available for Civ World at this time)