Brink Patched, Lag Under Investigation

by Adam Biessener on May 11, 2011 at 01:40 PM

Brink game director Paul Wedgwood dropped a long note on the official Bethesda blog explaining developer Splash Damage's approach to the online issues that some Brink players are reporting.

The first update is already live for 360 players, and Wedgwood asserts that it dramatically improves online movement prediction and speeds up texture loading. On the 360 front, Wedgwood notes that the team is investigating the reports coming in about laggy gameplay in full games. "We’re all huge multiplayer fans here at the office and we know how important a lag-free online experience is. We’re urgently investigating this issue and seeing what we can do to improve things in that area," Wedgwood writes.

The PS3 version also got an update – which you can get despite PSN being down – which should improve online performance for whenever Sony manages to get PSN back up.

The PC version has already had the hilariously stupid "corrupts your save if you close the game at the wrong time" bug fixed, and the team has also deployed an improved bug-reporting tool to help it in its ongoing efforts to improve performance and squash the bugs that are popping up on certain hardware configurations.

Anyone out there Brinking it up? If you're waiting for the final word from GI, Bertz tells me his review (delayed due to pre-release online issues) will be up tomorrow.