Battlefield 3 Limited Edition Bonus Detailed

by Adam Biessener on May 10, 2011 at 06:33 AM

DICE is tempting gamers to drop a little extra scratch on the limited edition of its upcoming shooter with a four-pack of multiplayer maps. The Back to Karkand DLC is free to anyone who pre-orders the limited edition, and contains four fan-favorite maps from Battlefield 2.

Lead designer Niklas Fegraeus answered "interview" questions about Back to Karkand on a post on the official blog. His reason for bringing back old maps as DLC for BF3? "It’s pretty simple, really. These are evidently some of the very best maps we have ever built. We have unquestionable data and feedback from the community saying so."

I'm sure this DLC will flop because everyone buys Battlefield for the single-player, right?