Roll With The Rock Of Ages In New Trailer

by Matt Miller on May 04, 2011 at 12:15 PM

This incredibly quirky but strangely fascinating downloadable game has a new video in advance of its spring release.

Rock of Ages is coming to PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and PC sometime this spring. The new video shows off the five periods of art history that the game will include and also gives a clear glimpse of the way Rock of Ages will combine tower defense gameplay with more than a hint of humor.

"Rock of Ages is truly a 'Basalt' on the senses," says Atlus' Aram Jabbari in a recent press release. "It offers gamers a diverse marriage of elements like nothing they've seen before. What other game lets players hit a mechanized version of Michaelangelo's David below the belt or unleash a massive herd of bovine defenses upon their charging foe? It's 'Tuff' to call this just another tower defense game, especially when it brings so much action and excitement to the table. If anything, it's a game of tower OFFENSE. We hope gamers 'Picrite' when the game is released later this year!" Shame on you, Aram. Puns like those almost make us take your trailer for granite.