Serious Sam Double D's Shows Off Insane Weapon Stacking

by Matt Helgeson on Apr 25, 2011 at 12:03 PM

Given that BulletStorm and Duke Nukem Forever are bringing gamers back to a more gonzo age of shooters, it seems appropriate that Croteam's Serious Sam is launching a comeback as well.

In addition to the upcoming Serious Sam 3, Croteam has partnered with publisher Devolver Digital and some talented indie studios to create a trio of Serious Sam downloadable games. One of these projects is Serious Sam Double D, a sidescrolling shooter created by Mommy's Best Games, who are known for titles like Explosionade and Shoot 1UP.

One of the game's most interesting features is the "gunstacker" system. Mommy's Best Games developer Nathan Fouts described the inspiration for thusly. "When designing Double D, rather than dump all of Croteam's original guns and start from scratch," said Fouts. "I decided it'd be fun to take on the biggest of Mental's baddies with all your guns blazing at once."

Basically the system (which he says is still evolving) works like this: you take a gun from one of the columns in the menu (pictured below, stack it over another, and you've got a new combination weapons like a Tommy Gun/Shotgun hybrid. Certain weapons can add useful functionality to your new combo weapons. For example, the Machine Pistol never runs out of ammo, an attribute which is transferred to any combo its used in.

Overall, this is a creative -- and more important, totally ridiculous -- design concept that should make Serious Sam Double D a downloadable PC game that's well worth paying attention to when it releases this summer.